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Vimeo CalStreets HD

CalStreetsTV Channel Now Online, with Big Beautiful skate videos. Protest DVD's Full Length. FOUND: Long Lost Footage of interior CalSts 1992, Binge

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Vintage Warren Bolster

Warren Bolster brings back fond memories for those who remember the the 1970's skate era.

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CalStreetsTV !

CalStreetsTV now includes Feature Full Length Skate Videos and the Latest Reviews and Contest Highlights and Results!

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Armed Robbery

Police Interview Employee - Statement of the Manager, regarding the armed robbery at California Streets. 90-08-02 1825 Hours - 2020 Hours

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Radio Ads

A collection of local radio commercials from CalStreets. Am1040 and CFOX attended our grand opening.

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Retro Skate Collectors

A 400 Page Gallery of personal skate collections gleened from the net.

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RFX Skatopia PRO Freestyle

Pro Freestyle contest with Bob Mohr, Russ Howell, Laura Berryman at the Skatopia Park in Calgary Alberta.

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RFX Penticton Pool

Skate trip demo SantaCruz NWSk8 Team. Niko Weiss, Rob Leshgold, Rick Tetz, Harry and Mark Greenberg motel pool skate.

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Vendors Alley

Longboards, Downhill, Freestyle, 8 Wheelers, anything goes at Vendors Alley. Submit your product info for evaluation and review

Cat Restaurant feed NOW in HD 720
Written by Pepperazzi   
Sunday, 11 March 2012
CalStreets Industries cats Critter, Blade and Pepperazzi introduce the CAT Restaurant in HI DEFINITION . Visit your favorite skate cats 6 times daily for their automatic feedings. 

CBP (Critter,Blade,Pepper) are fed 6 times daily, 12:00pm - 4:00pm - 8:00pm - 12:00am - 4:00am - 8:00am Pacific Standard Time or every four hours. Check theCat Restaurant Perfect Pet Feeder real time clock on the video feed and you will see Blade, Pepper and Critter arrive for most meals.  Always arrive 120 seconds before the hour to see feeder in action! It takes about 3.5 Minutes for Critter and 5-6 Minutes for Blade to enjoy their meals. Blade stays to scavenge anything left behind by the other two.

Are you Serious? Yes REALLY.
directly from our waste of time department we have launched the 24hr live video stream.  Spokes Cats Critter, Blade and Pepperazzi have made the Perfect Pet Feeder their favorite choice in luxury cat bowls!

This wonderful device allows the CalStreets Cats to be fed while staff are bombing the local terrain. Seriously makes for a healthier cat and no feeding worries when traveling abroad.  The NEW website video stream is in crystal sharp 720p HDTV streaming - allows us a visual confirmation of happy fed Cats back at CalStreets Industries.

SantaCruz Kitchen Accessories at the Cat Restaurant at CalStreets Industries
Last Updated ( Sunday, 11 March 2012 )
Xylan Longboards And XY Products Take Industry By Storm
Saturday, 18 February 2012

Xylite Longboards by XylanXylite - Welcome to the future of skate graphics!! No longer are flat lifeless images necessary, enter Xylan and our crazy new material "Xylite". We now have the ability to produce full color high quality graphics and even photos in a new highly reflective medium we call Xylite. Xylite is a new material from South Korea that actually amplifies light from any source and reflects it in full color! These boards look like they're filled with LEDs but they only reflect the surrounding light. When photographed from a block away the Xylite is actually brighter than the surrounding street lights! Xylite is a truly unique material that is currently only availible on Xylan Longboards.

We will be producing Xylite images on our full line of boards and helmets. We have some really killer speedboards in our line that will hold up to what ever you through at them. I've been working at destroying my sleeper for a few months now unsuccesfully. I've taken drops and jumps on it as well as just jumping up and down on the thing and it's still kicking! We also have some really killer cruisers including a kick ass camber flex we call "The Ledgend" that has a sweet kick tale and super classic look as well as a super plush bamboo board we call the "Panda Poo". We also have a freeride drop through board called the "Freakstyle" that has just a hint of tail at both ends.

As well we will be producing a signature model for 1980 Canadian feestyle winner Rick Tetz! We will be one of only a small number of companys producing freestyle boards and the only company producing them in Xylite! Evey flip trick will be like a flash bulb going off under your feet! All of our boards are made with the highest quality materials and are available in Xylite! Be on the lookout for these boards as they're sure to be noticed.

Written by Patrick Montgomery

Xylite concrete wave banner next to Xylite Longboards By Xylan

Last Updated ( Saturday, 18 February 2012 )
CalStreets Featured In Ben Marcus Book
Monday, 02 January 2012

CalStreets was recently featured in A Book by Ben Marcus called ' The Skateboard: The Good , The Rad And The Gnarly '. Many Photo's for this book were provided by as well as many of the vintage skate ads. The story of the simple skateboard is part thriller, part underground, underdog success tale. It’s chock-full of innovations, far-out graphic artistry, and ever-more-incredible hot-dogging feats. And the story’s told in this book with contributions from the stars themselves—Tony Hawk, Stacey Peralta, Jeff Ho, the Dogtown Z-Boys, and more. Beautifully illustrated with historical posters, ads, and memorabilia along with new action photography, studio skateboard shots, and unique portraits of the stars, this is a fitting tribute to an American classic. Beautifully illustrated with historical posters, ads, and memorabilia along with new action photography, studio skateboard shots, and unique portraits of the stars, this is a fitting tribute to an American classic.

G&S Ad 1978

Last Updated ( Sunday, 11 March 2012 )
Death Or Injury May Occur
Monday, 02 January 2012
We just thought we'd show off our other speed board. It weighs a little more than our other boards but comes with a kick ass custom paint job and a very powerful engine. These are a few photos taken just before heading to north and west van for a skate session with our Xylan Guillotine and Sims Snakebite . I love traveling around in the Xylan Vette, it always turns heads and gives us the attention we crave. So if you ever see this beautiful Corvette in your neighborhood come find the Xylan guys, we'd be happy to do some shredding with you. Just don't touch the car!



Pat getting into the '86 Corvette with a Xylan Guillotine setup with Paris Trucks and Venom Wheels
Last Updated ( Monday, 02 January 2012 )
Calstreets Featured In The Disposible Skateboard Bible By Sean Cliver
Sunday, 01 January 2012 was featured in a wicked book written by Sean Cliver! They used many vintage ads as well many interior shots of the North Vancouver location of CalStreets. In this follow-up to Disposable: A History of Skateboard Art, Sean Cliver has assembled what is undoubtedly the most comprehensive visual overview of skateboards in print. In addtion to board galleries showcasing everything from the steel and clay wheeled planks to the modern day 7 ply popsicles, The Disposible Skateboard Bible continues where the last book left off, featuring all new anecdotes from the likes of V. Courtlandt Johnson, Mark Gonzales, CR Stecyk 3, Rodney Mullen, Mark Rogowski, George Powell and many more, as well as an in depth view look at the nostalgic madness that is skateboard collecting. Hard cover, 368 full cover pages.


Last Updated ( Sunday, 01 January 2012 )
Saturday, 17 December 2011
Of all the skateboard truck companies that bubbled up in the 1970s, the three that are still going are Tracker, Independent and Gull Wing. Those companies, their founders and the products get their own sections of this book.

Below is an alphabetical list of some of the many truck companies that flamed up in the 1970s, and then flamed out. There were a lot, but we didn’t get them all. Aficionados will notice there are no Blazer, Megatron, Pittsburgh, Randal, Santana, Track Force, XL-700 trucks or Z-Roller, and there are probably a dozen other companies left out – some of them legit for a time, some of them Mickey Mouse: but we only photographed the trucks on the 70s-era boards photographed by Lucia Griggi.

In Skateboard Industry News for Dec/Jan 1977, an ad for ACS explained that American Cycle Systems were “the country’s largest producer of aluminum hubs for bicycles” and they had used their experience in precision-machined casting to deliver 356 aluminum-magnesium alloy heat treated to the T-6 condition.· “Against all competition, ACS has became of the world’s largest ACSmanufacturer of premium skate-board trucks.” A bold statement, that may or may not have been true, but ACS was (and still is?) a player in a market that would become dominated – in the long run – by Tracker and Independent.


Just as in the 1960s, some of the companies jumping into the skateboard market in the 1970s took the hot car route, instead of the surf route. Apex Sports Products from La Mirada, California, made a line of Super Sport mag wheels for skateboards: “The 100% pure urethane tire gives a smoother, faster, quieter ride and more grip.”

Apex apparently thought their wheels were too hot for all other trucks, so they made their own out of A356-T6 aluminum sand castings.


Last Updated ( Saturday, 17 December 2011 )
Keep On Truckin' - Truck Glossary
Saturday, 17 December 2011
keep_on_truckingTRUCK GLOSSARY

In 1978, Skateboard Industry News published a series of Product Primer articles “aimed at giving the retailer a thumb-nail familiarity with skateboard engineering.” S.I.N covered decks in their April/May 1978 issue, then wheels in June/July and then in Aug/Sept they covered “the dreaded truck – and find they aren’t so difficult to understand at all.”

Rather than reprint the entire Product Primer, this Glossary of Truck Terms condenses all that knowledge.

Aluminum: A metal used in the hanger and other parts of the truck. “All of the quality, top of the line truck manufacturers use what is termed ‘356’ aluminum’ in most cases ‘heat treated to T6.”

Angle: The angle between the kingpin and the axle pivot point. If the kingpin intersects the vertical plane of the axle above the axle, it will tend to be less responsive – or squirrelly – whereas a truck with a lower angle will be more flexible.

Axle: A metal rod – usually steel - that runs through the hangar and provides a threaded mount for bearings and wheels. Most axles are made of steel.

Axle nut: A threaded nut that screws onto each end of the axle to hold the wheels in place.

Base plate: A usually metal plate that is fastened to the bottom of the deck with four or six holes. The baseplate has a pivot cup and a socket for the kingpin.

Bearing: Round metal balls that allow the wheels to turn on the end of the axle. Skateboards in the 50s, 60s and into the 70s used loose bearings. Sealed bearings were another innovation of the 1970s that followed closely after the introduction of urethane wheels.

Bushing: Doughnut-shaped pieces of rubber or urethane that surround the kingpin. Each truck has two bushings, one above where the hanger fits onto the kingpin and one below.

Cushion: Plastic bushings around the kingpin. Formerly known as “rubbers” from the roller skate days, these bushings were made of urethane and other plastics in the 1970s. In general, a rule of thumb: the softer the cushions, be they urethane or rubber, the more responsive the truck will be. Hard cushions will result in a more rigid, but stable, ride.

keep on truckin'

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